Đề tài Personal sacrifice for the career success

Sacrifice of oneself or one's own interests for the benefit, or the supposed benefit of oneself Personal sacrifice is to leave behind voluntarily personal precious things and serve for benefits of others (or society)

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Topic: PERSONAL SACRIFICE FOR THE CAREER SUCCESS Teacher: Trang Group 7Personal sacrifice for the career successDescribe career success and personal sacrifice Benefit of successPersonal sacrificesHow to balance work and lifeExample Conclusion The success including the process stand up from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasmI think :A successful career is one that makes a person feel happy to go to work each day. Career successSacrifice of oneself or one's own interests for the benefit, or the supposed benefit of oneselfPersonal sacrifice is to leave behind voluntarily personal precious things and serve for benefits of others (or society)You losetimePersonal life healthySo.so.....Personal sacrifice is something you lose then get something Benefit of success 1. MoneyYou will have a good job with a high salary and earn a lot of money.From that, you can help the poor, travel around the world, shopping2. Promotion. - you can get a promotion. + Be respected by people in staff. + Becoming the good leader. 3. Relationshipyou will have chance to extend your relationship.Meeting many people in more status. 4. Be respected You will be respected by everyone in your family, in your company, the others in society.5. HappyWhen you are successful in your career, you will glad and happy. Happiness here is:+ Do what you love to do+Achieve your goals + Dedication for society6. Getting motivated to try harderSuccess comes to those who always try and have aspirations in life.Always have new plans in life and try to achieve it.7. Improving yourself:Experience skills knowledgeresponsibility...Personal sacrifices1. Stability You invest money, you’re assets at workNo ensure you will success2. TimeThe work took away too much of your timeTime off will become your business time “gentle”You need to arrange for a reasonable time.You don’t have time for your personal life, for relationship: family, friendsOver all, you should try to balance the work and personal life.4. SleepYou will change sleep habits.You have little time to sleep, stay up late, get up early,However, sleep is important, try to get enough sleep to good health3.Personal life5. HealthWhen you plunge into the target, may neglect the body and mind, have bad habits affect health.- Be aware of your body is overworked, must improve in order to have a healthy life.6. Income It comes with the sacrifice of stability, but in the first few years working in the business, you probably will not make a lot of money. "Opportunity cost" - ignoring the good working opportunities with attractive salaries ... 7. Alertness- There are days when you feel stress, fatigue and overwork.- Efforts towards big goals in life is never easy. But you must do what is right 8. Personal preferences- Working on the job seems your interests will be forgotten for a while- You have to choose between the immediate desires and needs will drive your dreams forward.Nicholas James "Nick“ Vujicic (born 4 December 1982)How to balance between work and life?1. Having the Proper Mindset+ Decide what is important to you+ Have work goals. + Have goals for life. 2. Planning Carefully Choose the correct line of workThink about work-life balance when planning your familyConsider long-term time commitments3.Making the Most of Your Time+ Get organized. + Keep a work diary+ Draw a line between professional and personal life. + Get your email habits in check4.Taking Care of Yourself+ Rely on your friends and family+ Take time for yourself. + Get enough sleep.+ Eat healthy + ExerciseThanks for your attentionGroup 7:1.Ninh Thị Thanh 2.Nguyễn Thị Thạch3.Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo4.Nguyễn Văn Thỏa5.Vũ Thị Thu6.Nguyễn Thị Thúy7.Nguyễn Thu Thủy
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